I currently offer 3 types of sessions.

They are all full-length sessions so I'm able to spend plenty of time with you and your person/people.



Adventure sessions are outdoor, at a location of your choice. I have a handful of locations I typically shoot along the Wastach Front, offering a wide variety of landscapes. If there's a location you have in mind, let me know! I'm ALWAYS up for trying something new! These session are about an hour or two before sunset to catch the best golden light. 

Sessions Starting at $250



Closer sessions are in the comfort of your own home. These sessions are for catching the day-to-day stuff. I'll follow you around as you make breakfast or play games with the kiddos, you know, the simple things. These are typically done when the sun shines brightest through the windows of your home.

Sessions Starting at $350

Fresh 48


Fresh 48 are for your newest addition to the family. These session must be done within the first 48 hours of birth and are done in the hospital. This session is for the family that isn't quite into the idea of a Birth Story, but wants to remember those first hours. Fresh 48 can also capture the first introduction to siblings. These are typically done in the morning or mid-day, when the sun shines brightest through the windows of your room.

Sessions Starting at $500